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Daily Bread

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Great Commission

"And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned." Mark 16:15-16 NLT

OMG! We exist because of Jesus. It's like 10 ka-zillion obvious reasons why The Lord Jesus Christ is our SAVIOR and ONLY salvation. When, I was weak in my faith, I would go into long debates trying to prove my faith. But, then, I realized that I couldn't argue with an idiot (Luke 9:5/Matthew 11:15.) My faith is not up for debate. But, I can't keep the "Good News" to myself anymore. God has been so good to me + crazy FAITHFUL! The Holy Spirit will give us the patience to spread the Good News to unbelievers in a gentle and loving way! ♥ Fight the flesh with the sword of God (Bible) and always be ready to share the Gospel of Grace with whomever will listen. There's absolutely NOTHING in this world worth perishing in Hell - where unbelievers are always & forever separated from God...
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"Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it. But do this in a gentle and respectful way. Keep your conscience clear. Then if people speak against you, they will be ashamed when they see what a good life you live because you belong to Christ." 1 Peter 3:15-16 NLT

3:15 Some Christians believe that faith is a personal matter that should be kept to oneself. It is true that we shouldn't be boisterous or obnoxious in sharing our faith, but we should always be ready to give an answer, gently and respectfully, when asked about our faith, our lifestyle, or our Christian perspective. Can other's see the hope in Christ? Are you prepared to tell them what Christ has done for your life? — Life Application Study Bible NLT

Rejecting the message of the Good News (Gospel)

"And if a town refuses to welcome you, shake its dust from your feet as you leave to show that you have abandoned those people to their fate."
Luke 9:5 NLT

Luke 9:5 Shaking the dust of certain towns from their feet had deep cultural implications. Pious Jews would do this after passing through Gentile cities to show their separation from Gentile practices. If the disciples were to shake the dust of a Jewish town from their feet, it would show their separation from Jews who rejected their Messiah. This action also would show that the disciples were not responsible for how the people responded to their message. Neither are we responsible if we have carefully and truthfully presented Christ but our message is rejected. Like the disciples, we must move on to others whom God desires to reach. — Life Application Study Bible NLT

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15Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand!
16“To what can I compare this generation? It is like children playing a game in the public square. They complain to their friends,
17‘We played wedding songs,
and you didn’t dance,
so we played funeral songs,
and you didn’t mourn.’
18For John didn’t spend his time eating and drinking, and you say, ‘He’s possessed by a demon.’ 19The Son of Man, on the other hand, feasts and drinks, and you say, ‘He’s a glutton and a drunkard, and a friend of tax collectors and other sinners!’ But wisdom is shown to be right by its results.” Matthew 11:15-19
Matthew 11:16-19 Jesus condemned the attitude of his generation. No matter what he said or did, they took the opposite view. They were cynical and skeptical because he challenged their comfortable, secure, and self-centered lives. Too often war justify our inconsistencies because listening to God may require us to change the way we live.  — Life Application Study Bible NLT
The Good News (Gospel) Bible Verses


Dear God in heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I acknowledge to You that I am a sinner, and I am sorry for my sins and the life that I have lived; I need your forgiveness.
I believe that your only begotten Son Jesus Christ shed His precious blood on the cross at Calvary and died for my sins, and I am now willing to turn from my sin.
You said in Your Holy Word, Romans 10:9 that if we confess the Lord our God and believe in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead, we shall be saved.
Right now I confess Jesus as the Lord of my soul. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior and according to His Word, right now I am saved.
Thank you Jesus for your unlimited grace which has saved me from my sins. I thank you Jesus that your grace never leads to license, but rather it always leads to repentance. Therefore Lord Jesus transform my life so that I may bring glory and honor to you alone and not to myself.
Thank you Jesus for dying for me and giving me eternal life. AMEN.
o as When you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, you will receive the GIFT of the Holy Spirit [Holy Ghost], as it states in Acts 2:38:
Acts 2:38 – King James Version (KJV)
38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
PLEASE NOTE: Confession of your sins is not something you do just the one time or periodically. Whenever you sin, you should immediately repent [ask forgiveness from the Lord] and turn away from your sin.
Then, as you grow in Christ [become spiritually mature], and your love for Him grows, you should be seeking Him through His Word [Holy Bible]. You will need to find a bible-based church and study God’s Word; and eventually become water-baptized. It is through water-baptism that you show your obedience to the Lord. Water baptism is a symbol of your salvation from the dead. You were dead but now you live, for the Lord Jesus Christ has redeemed you for a price! The price was His death on the cross!
Everyone will one day be baptizedeither now by God's Holy Spirit or later by the fire of his judgment. Luke 3:16
Baptism is a sign of us being born-again. It isn't necessary but, rather a choice to symbolize our new birth. I'm reminded by Jesus on the cross with the two criminals (Matthew 27:35-44, Mark 15:25-32, John 19:18-27). One of them asked for salvation on the cross while he was dying. Obviously, he didn't have time to be baptized but, by faith he was saved!
Please, get to know Jesus! He is love and our ONLY SALVATION! He is coming soon! =)


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Jesus Teaches About Fruit In People's Lives

The Tree and Its Fruit
15 “Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves. 16 You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit. 18 A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. 19 So every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. 20 Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions. — Matthew 7:15-20 (NLT)

The Tree and Its Fruit
43 “A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. 44 A tree is identified by its fruit. Figs are never gathered from thornbushes, and grapes are not picked from bramble bushes. 45 A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart. — Luke 6:43-45 (NLT)

"Jesus reminds us that our speech and actions reveal our true underlying beliefs, attitudes, and motivations. The good impressions we try to make cannot last if we are being deceptive. What is in your heart will come out in your speech and behavior."
— Life Application Study Bible NLT

Life isn't about me anymore. Rather, in my home, online or in public, I strive to always glorify God. I may be the only bible that someone reads. It doesn't matter what people think of me. But, it does matter if I'm practicing what I preach! Because ultimately I will be judged by God. I LOVE JESUS! & as long as I have breath in my body, I WILL PRAISE THE LORD! ♥ My spiritual life is developing because of my faith. I truly do live out what I post. Yes, in life, I fall short at times. However, I've been born-again. The difference now, is that I MUST REPENT! (confess the sin then, completely turn away from it.) Just because Jesus forgave us from our sins, doesn't mean that we must go on sinning (Romans 6). My ultimate goal in life now (divine purpose) is to follow Him and bring others to Him. My worship is for real. I'm not a hypocrite that posts godly things to seek attention. I post godly things because I have been RENEWED IN CHRIST JESUS and He is soooooo real. Despite, what the world says and all of the evil spirits that distract us, God is REAL. Jesus is coming back SOON! My posts may not reach many. But, if just one soul is saved through any of the positive + inspirational influences of my life, then, that's all that matters. =) 
See Post titled: "Fulfilling my Godly Purpose!"

‘These people honor me with their lips,
    but their hearts are far from me.
Their worship is a farce,
    for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God.’ 

— Matthew 15:8-9 (NLT)

"The prophet Isaiah also criticized hypocrites (Isaiah 29:13), and Jesus applied Isaiah's words to these religious leaders. The Pharisees knew a lot about God, but they didn't know God. When we claim to honor God while our heart is far from him, our worship means nothing. It is not enough to study about religion or even to study the Bible; it is not enough to act religious. Our actions and our attitudes must be sincere. If they are not, Isaiah's words also describe us." — Life Application Study Bible NLT

Bible verses about Hypocrisy:
Matthew 12:1-2, Mark 7:6-7, Matthew 21:19, Mark 11:13-26, Matthew 21:30, Mark 14:19, 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

If Prayer Becomes A Habit, Success WILL Become A Lifestyle

"One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up." Luke 18:1
•18:1 To persist in prayer and not give up does not mean endless repetition or painfully long prayer sessions. Constant prayer means keeping our requests continually before God as we live for him day by day, believing he will answer. When we live by faith, we are not to give up. God may delay answering, but his delays always have good reasons. As we persist in prayer, we grow in character, faith, and hope. — Life Application Study Bible NLT
Theme: (Success)
[Explanation]: Although people work very hard for money and fame, God views success as having a good reputation, moral character, and the spiritual devotion to obey him.
[Importance]: A successful relationship with God counts for eternity. Everything else is perishable. All our resources, time, and talents come from God. We should strive to use them wisely.
—Book of Proverbs Opening Chart: Life Application Study Bible NLT
"And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him. And since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that he will give us what we ask for." 1 John 5:14-15
•5:14-15 The emphasis here is on God's will, not our will. When we communicate with God, we don't demand what we want; rather we discuss with him what he wants for us. If we align our prayers to his will, he will listen; and we can be certain that if he listens, he will give us a definite answer. Start praying with confidence! — Life Application Study Bible NLT

Living A Godly Life

"The Christian life is not a changed life but an exchanged life." — Andrew Wommack

"For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ." 2 Corinthians 5:21 NLT

5:21 When we trust in Christ, we make an exchange: He takes our sin and makes us right with God. Our sin was laid on Christ at his crucifixion. His righteousness is given to us at our conversion. This is what Christians mean by Christ's atonement for sin. In the world, bartering works only when two people exchange goods of relatively equal value. But God offers to trade his righteousness for our sin — something of immeasurable worth for something completely worthless. How grateful we should be for his kindness to us. — Life Application Study Bible NLT 

"He was handed over to die because of our sins, and he was raised to life to make us right with God." Romans 4:25 NLT

4:25 When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, an exchange takes place. We give him our sins, and he forgives us and makes us right with God. There is nothing we can do to earn this. Only through Christ can we be made right in God's eyes. What an incredible bargain this is for us! But, sadly many still choose to pass up this gift to continue "enjoying" their sin. — Life Application Study Bible NLT 

"God made Christ to be sin, even though he was without sin, so that believers would “become the righteousness of God.” The meaning of God's righteousness is explained by verse 19, which refers to forgiveness of sins." — The Gospel Coalition 

Born again believers: Because Jesus is righteous, then, we are too! We are the righteousness of God in Christ. When God looks at us, He sees us through JESUS and His finished work on the cross! ❤️

Heart Check

4:23-27 Our heart—our feelings of love and desire—dictates to a great extent how we live because we always find time to do what we enjoy. Solomon tells us to guard our hearts above all else, making sure we concentrate on those desires that will keep us on the right path. Make sure your affections lead you in the right direction. Put boundaries on your desires: Don't go after everything you see. Look straight ahead, keep your eyes fixed on your goal, and don't get sidetracked on detours that lead to sin. — Life Application Study Bible NLT
‪#‎heartcheck‬ 💗 Guarding our hearts is a constant thing! As born again believers in Jesus Christ, we can't look like the world. We can't love God and sin (can't tolerate it or support it because we will one day answer to God.) With the help of the Holy Spirit, we are able to discern good from evil. We can't do the things that we used to do before we were saved. Though we may fall into temptation & sin, we must repent. We have to be very careful of secular music, tv shows, movies, corrupt people, clubs, alcohol & drugs, false doctrines & whatever evil influence in the world because those things plant seeds in our hearts rather we know it or not.
🌱Rather, good or bad, seeds are constantly being planted into our hearts... & what's in our hearts WILL eventually come out in our lives. With God, we can get to the root and tear those bad seeds out. But, we must ALWAYS practice guarding our hearts so that we can prevent bad seeds from planting & producing bad fruits. (Jesus Teaches about Fruit in People's Lives: Luke 6:43-45/Matthew 7:15-20)

6:45 Jesus reminds us that our speech and actions reveal our true underlying beliefs, attitudes, and motivations. The good impressions we try to make cannot last if we are being deceptive. What is in your heart will come out in your speech and behavior. — Life Application Study Bible NLT
‪#‎heartcheck‬ �� What's in your heart will come out when you talk. People will tell if you're a true believer or not by your speech & actions. For example, "a drunk mind speaks a sober heart." The alcohol may have influenced the corrupt speech, but the thoughts originated from the heart.
�� "But the words you speak come from the heart — that's what defiles you." Matthew 15:18
15:16-20 We work hard to keep our outward appearance attractive, but what is deep down in our heart (where others can't see) is more important to God. What are you like inside? When people become Christians, God makes them different on the inside. He will continue the process of change inside them if only they ask.
 — Life Application Study Bible NLT 

Worry Ends When Faith In God Begins

"Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus." 
Philippians 4:6-7 NLT

FAITH CAN'T WORK IF IT'S MIXED WITH FEAR… FEAR IS A LIAR! FEAR IS UNREAL! "Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love." 1 John 4:18 NLT

We can't believe God for something but, worry & doubt. Either we PRAY or we WORRY… both don't work at the same time. Fear is a liar & it's not even real... If we don't step out on Faith, we'll never experience the blessing behind what we're praying for. The Bible says, that we can have what we pray for if we believe by receiving it by Faith (Mark 11:24/Matthew 21:22). We can trust that what God says, is TRUTH! He is not a liar. Every Word of God is a promise! Fear, doubt and the devil are all liars. Fears, doubts & insecurities can hinder opportunities. The Holy Spirit works in us through our Faith. God still works, but He needs something to work with. Our responsibility is to trust Him wholeheartedly & not doubt! I'm a living witness. I've watched God work wonders in my life the moment I totally surrendered to Him. Praise Him!

Worries leave when we cast them all unto Jesus! "Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." 1 Peter 5:7

"But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways." James 1:6-8

Life Application Study Bible Notes for James 1:6-8
  • We must believe not only in the existence of God but also in his loving care. This includes relying on God and expecting that he will hear and answer when we pray. We must put away our critical attitude when we come to him. God does not grant every thoughtless or selfish request. We must have confidence that God will align our desires with his purposes.
  • A person with divided loyalty is not completely convinced that God's way is best. He treats God's Word like any human advice and retains the option to disobey. He vacillates between allegiance to subjective feelings, the world's ideas, and God's commands. If your faith is new, weak, or struggling, remember that you can trust God. Then be loyal to by committing yourself wholeheartedly to God.
  • If you have ever seen the content rolling of huge waves at sea, you know how restless they are — subject to the forces of wind, gravity, and tide. Divided loyalty leaves a person as unsettled as the restless waves. If you want to stop being tossed about, rely on God to show you what is best for you. Ask him for wisdom, and trust that he will give it to you (James 1:5). Then your decisions will be sure and solid.

God's Peace surpasses all understanding! Wow... I'm so peaceful now that I have finally developed my faith to where I can totally trust God. I don't have to worry because I can cast all of my cares onto Him. No more running to God, all defeated... Jesus lives inside of me so how dare I approach God lacking confidence? I now Believe in what I pray for! ...God gave us authority to do the same things that His Son, Jesus did. No more wasting time praying for things that He has already supplied. I can now go to God in prayer with thanksgiving: seeking His face and not His hand. No worries! 

Jesus Teaches about Worry: Matthew 6:25-34

7 Reasons NOT to Worry

Matthew 6:25...The same God who created life in you can be trusted with the details of your life.
Matthew 6:26…Worrying about the future hampers your efforts for today.
Matthew 6:27…Worrying is more harmful than helpful.
Matthew 6:28-30…God does not ignore those who depend on Him.
Matthew 6:31,32…Worrying shows a lack of faith in and understanding of God.
Matthew 6:33…Worrying keeps us from real challenges God wants us to pursue.
Matthew 6:34…Living one day at a time keeps us from being consumed with worry.